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We Offer professional Nationwide Google Ads PPC Management Services For Companies Providing A Local Service 

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PPC Experts

Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can give you that instant gratification. Show up at the top of Google results for your industry’s keywords you bid on! 

Our Google Ads experts are devoted and passionate in improving the performance and ROI of your Google Ads spend. We help companies that offer a service in their state generate consistent and profitable leads.  We offer one flat monthly rate no matter how big your ad spend budget is.

PPC Strategy

Every industry is different, Therefore, every  google ads campaign is different. Once we learn what your goals and ad spend budget is, whether your focusis generating calls, clicks, or leads, we will walk you through the entire proces step-by-step so you know what to expect. 

Account Setup

Getting you off the ground and running

The technical setup and configuration of a Google Ads campaign is time consuming and complex. We setup annd manage every step for you which includes:

  • Ad creation – Writing text ads and designing display ads.
  • Conversion audit – Ensuring that there’s a viable conversion point on your site.
  • Conversion tracking — Making sure we’re tracking all leads and conversions: phone calls, form submissions, and purchases.
  • Target audience Setup – Making sure we are chosing the right audience and locations for your business 
  • Match Types – Seleecting accurate keyword match types. Phrase match, exact match types etc. Makes a difference
  • CTR – Click Through Rate – Making sure you get thew right clicks that convert
  • Quality Score and more!

Progress reports – Once we get the ball rolling we will start showing you analytics  progress reports. We collect your performance metrics from google analytics, google Data Studio and will explain the details to you over a Zoom call and screen share.